Indication for Tracking Dogs

Step-by-Step Article Indication Training

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This programme is for you

1) You're just starting your tracking training, or

2) You've started already by have yet to complete your article indication training.

Note: If you also plan to do Scent Detection work with your dog, instead of this programme you look into our Scent Detection Foundation Skills where you will train an indication you can use in both scenarios.

Programme fee: £78.00  £47.00

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Programme Details

Programme type: self-study

Online materials:

  • Progressive training steps
  • Detailed description and demo video for each step
  • Insider tips on how to make the best of your training

Programme duration: most students complete their training in less than a month. You'll have access to the materials for six months.



One month free membership in our Tracking Foundation group, where you can ask training related questions.

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