Tobias Gustavsson

Why and When to Change your Training


21 January 2021  7-8.30 p.m.

(UK time)











Join us to hear Tobias talk about what drives the changes you may have observed in the training progressions he uses, and find out why and when you should change your training too.

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Tobias Gustavsson is a full time trainer and instructor at SWDI (Scandinavian Working Dog Institute) based in Sweden.

SWDI (Scandinavian Working Dog Institute) offer quality control, certification, training and development for working dog teams. From their point of view, dog training is a craft which involves technical skills, analytical abilities, experience, knowledge on learning theory, ethology and emotions. This knowledge cannot be achieved during a short weekend course. SWDI courses for professionals involve training over an extended period of time, with own training at home, follow-ups and quality control.

SWDI´s clients are professional dog teams and instructors at agencies and organisations all over the world. That includes police K9 units, special operation forces, government dog teams for large carnivore management, search and rescue dog teams, customs and prison service.

Tobias specialises in tracking and scent detection and has extensive experience in developing skills in dog teams on all levels. He co-authored the book 'Tracking Dogs – Scents and Skills’, published in 2011 and sold to dog handlers in more than 30 countries. He is also a biologist and runs a research project on working dogs together with his colleagues at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

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