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Jeff Schettler: K-9 Trailing. The Straightest Path

Catch up with webinar replays from our series K-9 Trailing. The Straightest Path, hosting Jeff Schettler.

You get:

  • Everything in one place: instant and continued access for the life time of the product, to the whole collection of replays (list below).
  • A catch-up opportunity in case you've missed any of the webinars in the series - otherwise webinar recordings have only been available for a limited time to those registered in advance.
  • Three additional sessions: the special edition webinars 'GAK9 Trailing Imprinting for Puppies' (from April 2020), 'Interpreting Trailing Map Overlays and Record Keeping' (from June 2020) and a Q&A on Environmental Factors Influencing the Trail (from December 2019).
  • Additional information accompanying recordings, such as which chapters from the book are most relevant, YouTube links to videos featured in the webinar, articles, certificates.
  • A discount to your setup fee. You don't pay for anything twice! Message us before you sign up and we'll send you a coupon for the equivalent total value of all webinars you've attendeded from this series.

Topics (January to September 2020):

  1. Reading a Trailing Dog 
  2. Progressive Training 
  3. Human Scent and the Three Ps 
  4. Trail Laying
  5. Training for Distractions
  6. Scent Discrimination
  7. Surface Transitions
  8. Streams and Rivers
  9. Why Trailing K-9s May Fail