Dr Nathan Hall

Exploring the False Alert and Miss

A high-level overview of signal-detection theory for the detection canine team.

01 September 2020  7-8.30 p.m.

(UK time)











This webinar with provide a high-level overview of signal-detection theory for the detection canine team. We will highlight key concepts like the 'false-alert' and 'miss' and highlight how these errors are susceptible to manipulation through training and are ultimately related. We discuss key concepts like bias and sensitivity and how you can optimize measurement of canine performance. Lastly, we will discuss potential causes of false-alerts and how to diagnose these causes.

Attendees are expected to learn to:

  1. Calculate a measure of bias and detection accuracy for your dog
  2. Describe the relationship between false alerts and misses
  3. Consider and evaluate potential causes of false-alerts and solutions to address them.

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Dr. Hall is an Assistant Professor of Companion Animal Science at Texas Tech University and the Director of the Canine Olfaction Research and Education Laboratory in the Department of Animal Science. Dr. Hall earned his PhD at the University of Florida, specializing in the study of Behavior Analysis and canine olfaction. As a post-doc, he continued his studies at Arizona State University investigating the optimization of training to enhance canine’s detection of Homemade Explosives. At Texas Tech, his work continues to explore canine olfactory perception and how experience influences odor perception. His lab also investigates predictors and correlates of problem behavior, behavioral predictors of working aptitude, and canine health. Throughout his career, Dr. Hall has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications and book chapters on canine olfaction and detection abilities.

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