Your instructor, Astrid Lowe, has trained with the Scandinavian Working Dogs Institute (SWDI) in Sweden, and has experience with various other training methods used in the UK and the Netherlands.

Astrid is a former Search and Rescue volunteer. She started hosting dog training events on various topics in 2016, bringing to Surrey popular instructors from the UK and overseas. In 2018 she set up Surrey Search Dogs, to focus on providing quality training solutions for search dog teams. She still occasionally invites world-class instructors to teach topics relevant to search dog training, but she now dedicates most of her time to her own students in Scent Detection.

She has worked, in person and remotely, with a wide range of dog breeds and both professional and sports/hobby handlers. Alongside teams from the UK, she has coached clients in Australia, France, Germany, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and the USA.

Astrid's early interest in working dogs grew over the years when she first got involved in gundog training. It turned out that her Labrador didn't 'live to retrieve'.  He became her teacher in understanding motivation. Astrid began to explore the power of play and over the years has hosted many play and motivational workshops. Her insights into the work of some of the most inspiring names in dog and nose work training transformed her whole approach to dog training. 

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better."  - Maya Angelou

In her work, Astrid is focussed on coaching and motivating her clients in achieving results with their dogs. Planning, tailoring training approaches and providing clarity for the dogs are high on her priority list.

Astrid speaks four languages, has a psychology degree, has worked for an airline and run a global project in the oil industry. Her past experience in researching IT solutions for an international business has laid a foundation for the online training solutions she currently offers. She travels and trains with her dogs - a Labrador Retriever and a Malinois, whom you can see featuring in training demo videos. 

"Astrid cares about her students – people and dogs – and is committed to the results they get. She coaches her clients with the right amount of humor-specked motivation."
Heidi Holvoet
"Astrid is a great teacher, with lots of patience, enthusiasm and kindness."
Zsofi Pritchard
"Astrid is totally committed to training her dogs, willing to learn new ideas and adapt them accordingly for individual dog needs. She observes a dog's behaviour, communicates well and embraces new technologies to better instruct her students."